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To think that Google has only been around since 1998 is astonishing. How interconnected it is with people all around the world now, it is hard to think of a time without Google. How did people even survive without turning to their favorite search engine for answers? In those 15 years, a huge amount of evolution has occurred at Google. They have become such a dominant force in so many aspects of the Internet that, without them, the entire landscape would be drastically different. Still, Google’s main function is to provide users with fast and easily accessible access to questions and inquiries they may have. From Google, nearly every public webpage of all time is available, depending on what the user searches. With so many people using the Internet these days to look up information, buy products and become acquainted with companies, it is no wonder that webpage designers and SEO want people to come to “their” page. Evolving from that, it is no wonder that the environment turned incredibly competitive. It was only a natural progression to webpage owner’s eventually thinking that search engine’s owed them visits because they seemingly followed all the algorithm rules.

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Every time an algorithm update is launched, the amount of complaining that follows is hilarious. Website developers, SEO, and even bloggers are up in arms that their deserved first page result is now found in the back 10+ pages, never seeing the light of a click again. An enormous amount of shady methods have been invoked and passed around since SEO became popular, and for the most part, they were very successful. It was like clockwork though: each and every time an update was put out results would suffer. Using inauthentic methods to rank webpage’s highly is like chasing a carrot on a stick: you may get close, but you are never going to get the carrot. As Google becomes a more and more dominant web player, there methods of providing the best web results to users are only going to get better.

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Search engines never owed webpage’s clicks and never will. Google’s goal, and the goal of most search engines, has always been to provide the searcher with fast, relevant and easy to use (click) information.  No where to be found is “to provide X’s website with an abundance of hungry traffic”. Play by the rules, and rewards will come. If a website creates great and applicable information for their users, they will get traffic. The whole SEO environment has become much more complex over the year(s), but by following that piece of information, targeting efforts in the proper direction should become much easier.

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