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Think Tank SEO is currently looking for a local Calgary plumber or Calgary plumbing company to work with.  We only take on one client from any one niche or market vertical.  So we would never take on two Calgary plumbers.  We work hard to get your site to the top of Google for a rich keyword phrases that bring in the traffic and the business.  For more information on how Think Tank can help you dominate Google give us call today: 403-540-6869.

So you have a need for a website and it’s time to look for Quality Calgary SEO services. You’re doing the right thing. Staying local ensures that your SEO representative is able to not only learn about your particular needs face to face, but effectively customize an SEO solution that brings in the business.

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, ensures that the website acting as your business store-front online will be seen in the search engines. Google is the behemoth in the search engine space right now, so their rules tend to be what every webmaster needs to follow if they wish to guarantee fresh and repeat traffic.

The rules for SEO change from year to year and from season to season. It used to be that Google wanted a minimum of 300 words in natural language before they’d consider indexing a given page on your site. A quick review of the current trends reveals that an average of 1000 words of natural language is necessary to ensure healthy ranking in the search engines. Because these rules keep changing, hiring an SEO professional can greatly aid a business in staying on top of this ever-changing landscape and prevent getting lost on page 10 of someone’s Google search.

Matt Cutts talks about guest blogging or low-quality blogging:

Your SEO professional will work closely with your webmaster, so that images, links, text, keywords, and other aspects all work together to not only wow your customers, but stay lucrative doing so. Think Tank SEO is one company in Calgary offering these kinds of services and more. Again, congratulations on doing your homework in the area, and if Think Tank SEO can assist you with your SEO needs at any time, drop us a line or give us a call. Let’s meet to discuss your needs and come up with a customized strategy for your business’s SEO requirements.

At Think Tank we will sit down with you and explain pretty much everything we will be doing. The processes we use are pretty high level and even if we tell you how we are doing things you simply can’t just go do it yourself. So we aim for total transparency and safety of your domain.

If you are looking for a talented Calgary SEO and Web Design company please give us a call. 403-540-6869.

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