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You did your research, and a Calgary SEO company told you that your business needs a blog! “But I’m a Calgary roofer for crying out loud! Why do I need a blog?” Let’s pause and think about that question for a moment. You’re a hands-on, outdoors, care-about-your-project kind of person. Just imagine how that could work to sell your roofing services? Articles about roof care and maintenance. Tips on how to find the best roofers in Calgary. All of these blog articles and the like help establish you as an authority on the subject of roofing.

When you blog about your company’s expertise, you place yourself in that enviable position of the business everyone turns to when they have a question. Why? You have presented yourself as the go-to expert on the subject of roofing.

The key to having a successful blog that builds business for your company is regularly offering valuable content. Valuable content is useful to the reader, indexed easier by the search engines, and gives you yet another platform to establish your company branding. Blogging platforms such as the self-hosted solution offered by WordPress, also give you the opportunity to turn your blog into an entire website complete with About Us, Contact Us, Store, etcetera.

Each blog posting that you create should contain key words about your area of expertise, so that when people search for those words in the search engine, your article is what comes up. Their curiosity is peaked to learn more and they pick up the phone to call you.

One Calgary SEO company that can assist you with this form of promotion, is Think Tank SEO. Their head Search Engine Optimization specialist, Richard Conover would be more than happy to meet with you face to face at your convenience, to discuss how to improve your sites rankings on Google and how a blog can play into that. Ready to dive in?

 Matt Cutts discusses blogging issues:

At Think Tank we will sit down with you and explain pretty much everything we will be doing.  The processes we use are pretty high level and even if we tell you how we are doing things you simply can’t just go do it yourself.  So we aim for total transparency and safety of your domain.  We can help you get to page one of Google.

If you are looking for a talented Calgary SEO and Calgary Web Design company please give us a call. 403-540-6869.

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