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Keeping Up With Google’s Search Engine Criteria

SEO has been an ongoing process to keep up with Google’s changing criteria. Calgary SEO services will update your webpage to stay near the top of Google search criteria.

Tailoring Your Site for Other Search Engines

While Google remains the 900 pound gorilla on the internet for English speakers, it shouldn’t be the end all and be all of your SEO efforts. Use SEO services to ensure that your website is found through Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. If your customer base contains any Asian users, SEO services are necessary to design a website that is compatible with both major American search engines like Google and Chinese search engines like Baidu.

Determining the Best Search Engine Terms and Phrases

While it is obvious that a company should dominate the rankings related to searches for the company’s name, the other search terms your company should tailor its site to meet are not as clear. Should you optimize the site to come up when someone searches for your product by name, by product description or some other criteria? Calgary SEO companies can set up multiple versions of the same website to determine which version of your site not only brings in visitors but retains them. They will identify the search terms that don’t just lead to clicks but convert to sales.

Matt Cutts talks about duplicate content:

Optimizing SEO to Maximize Sales

Search Engine Optimization services are able to do the complex data analysis to determine which SEO criteria not only bring in the most visitors but result in the most sales, the greatest profits, most likely repeat customers and best fit your desired visitor demographic. SEO service providers can also generate a comparison between the demographics of your current visitors and the customers you would like to attract. If you have historical information, they can show you how visitor traffic has changed with time, either in terms of demographics and sources of visitors. Then you can alter the site to come up more often in search criteria used by your most coveted customers.

Building in SEO without Looking Cluttered

Search engine optimization can create quality content for your website like technical articles, frequently asked questions, staff interviews and more that promote your company and increase search engine matches without looking like web spam. They can integrate SEO into the web page description, image descriptions, staff listings and “About Us” pages that improve the search engine rankings of your company’s website while retaining its professional, polished look. Use an SEO service to turn your user manuals posted online or company blog into click bait.

Caglary SEO Services

At Think Tank we will sit down with you and explain pretty much everything we will be doing to increase your site’s ranking. The processes we use are pretty high level and even if we tell you how we are doing things you simply can’t just go do it yourself. So we aim for total transparency and safety of your domain. We can help you get to page one of Goolge.

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