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Hiring a Calgary SEO company to increase your website’s ranking can be both confusing and very expensive.  Search engine optimization is a combination of skill and hard work.  There is no way around doing the work properly which is labor intensive.  If the company or SEO specialist you are using doesn’t have the skills and knowledge then their hard work is not going to be as effective as it could be or worse it will actually harm your site ranking.

Google’s algorithm is always changing and evolving to thwart “spam”.  I place that in quotes since many sites that get hammered by Google’s updates are often quality sites.  Google doesn’t really want you to figure out how to get to the top of the organic search.  They make their money on selling ads.  To service their users well they have to bring up relevant searches.  For instance, if you search Calgary SEO companies and the results does not bring up good local Calgary companies then you, as a user would eventually get fed up and try another search engine.  Thankfully this is the case and it keeps Google in check to a certain degree.  But they noticed when the did major updates and massive numbers of site were affected their profits went up.  If your business relies on internet leads or sales and suddenly you are bumped back to page three and getting no traffic you have no choice but to pay-per-click and invest in Google Adwords.

A great 10 min SEO video:

If you are going to try to decide between SEO companies ask them to discuss some of their successes and failures.  If they’ve been doing SEO for a reasonable amount of time they will have both.  Search engine optimization is about keeping current on the latest trends and trial and error.  Having worked on a lot of sites and seeing how different sites react to Google updates is often the only way to really learn what works and what doesn’t.

At Think Tank SEO we are constantly learning and constantly striving to stay one or two steps ahead of Google to avoid getting penalized.  If Google senses that you are doing anything un-natural they will penalize your site or specific page.  We’ve survived through many updates and know how to keep you safe while moving you to the top.

We also do amazing Calgary web design and love to take on both the web project and the SEO project.

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