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Optimizing for Calgary SEO as a business or organization in this area is important. You live and work here and want everyone else who lives and works here to find and do business with you. You’ve worked hard to ensure you meet all the criteria for great search engine results, but are you getting those results? How do you find out if your efforts are paying off?

Enter the world of studying metrics!

Metrics refers to measuring the data brought in by your site statistics. This side of search engine optimization can be the most time-consuming and confusing aspect of the entire discussion! It can be hard to know where to start, what to compare to, and find a system that lets you know where you stand. An entire industry has built up around helping you analyze your data and fine-tune not only your website, but your Internet-based marketing campaigns based on your website’s content. Some of these tools are free. Many others however, feel that this information is so valuable that you’ll be willing to sacrifice your eldest son to get it.

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One Calgary SEO company that can help, is Think Tank SEO. Their head SEO Specialist, Richard Conover, will meet you face to face anywhere in Calgary, to go over with you what you are expecting, what you need assistance with, and help you get the metrics you need to push forward with your goals. There’s nothing worse than doing everything you’re told to do, and have no way to prove that any of it is helping. SEO analysis can most definitely be left to the pros while you focus on the reason your website exists, drawing in traffic so your business earns money to send your eldest son to college. Not everyone is into pouring over numbers, percentages and drawing conclusions based on that data. Give Richard a call and see how he can help.

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At Think Tank we will sit down with you and explain pretty much everything we will be doing to increase your site’s ranking. The processes we use are pretty high level and even if we tell you how we are doing things you simply can’t just go do it yourself. So we aim for total transparency and safety of your domain.  We can help you get to page one of Goolge.

If you are looking for a talented Calgary SEO Experts and Web Design company please give us a call. 403-540-6869.


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