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We specialize in SEO that is not outsourced and achieves page 1, top 3 results.

Ask for examples of successful SEO campaigns.

Why hire ThinkTankSEO?

#1. Results.    We deliver page 1, top 3 results in the most competitive keyword market verticals.  But that is mostly SEO and rankings..  It’s not social media or the display network or branding or creative.  It’s organic SEO.  We are best at getting sites to the top of Google.

If you think you need a primarily SEO slanted company that is seriously obsessed with SEO and PASSIONATE about getting their clients sites to the top of Google, then Think Tank SEO is without a question your best choice.

#2. Results..  which is ranking #1 to #3 on Google.ca for your market’s most competitive, high value keyword phrases.

Understanding the value of those top 3 to 5 positions is what motivates companies to invest in SEO.   There are easier ways to drive traffic to your site.  But there is only one way to invest in your domain and achieve long term traffic that also comes with increased authority and trust.

We give SEO clients free websites and free conversion rate consulting. That is the plus (+).

Why?  Websites are basically free now and we need our clients to get calls from their sites or they will fire us regardless of how highly they are ranked.  The bottom line for all businesses is the bottom line not rankings or visibility metrics.  Site traffic with a horribly low conversion rate is still a loss.  If you’re passionate about what you do, then getting the traffic to your site it priority #1 by a long shot.

ThinkTankSEO’s Message:

Getting the message right is tough.  As a SEO it’s hard not to say the right things for Google.  Google isn’t going to hire Think Tank SEO anytime soon.  Local Calgary business owners and professionals are who hire Think Tank SEO.   As the owner and head SEO I struggling to articulate what that clear message is, to you, the Calgary business owner or professional.  We offer much more than just rankings.   We don’t bill out for extras like providing creative solutions to obvious and subtle conversion issues.

Commitment.  If I take you on as a SEO client I’m committing to whatever it takes to deliver the results I’ve promised.


If you are a local company then you have almost certainly been contacted MANY times by SEO companies promising to take your site to page one of Google.  With companies you can’t meet with exercise extra care and caution.

SEO has simply gotten too complex and too risky to outsource link building anymore. If a company quotes you a very low monthly fee you should ask yourself how they can do all this work for so little?  Think Tank is by no means the cheapest company to hire but you can rest assured that your site will be managed by forward thinking SEO professionals, and not just outsourced. Search engine optimization is both art and science.

As professional SEOs we use creativity and empirical research to determine best practices and achieve extraordinary results.

Fully custom SEO projects sets Think Tank SEO apart from most competitors.  Gain access to years of research and SEO asset development.

SEO Services Calgary ** Month 1 after hiring Think Tank SEO **

CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization.   SEO clients receive CRO complementary.


Organic traffic + Conversion = Online Profits

The bottom line is the bottom line!  Clients hire us to increase online profitablility not just to improve their rankings.  This is the plus.  With SEO comes free conversion optimization.  There is no point in getting your site to the top of Google if the site will not convert and earn you more money.

Keyword Analysis For Your Market Vertical:

Before we take a client on we make sure that hiring us will make the client substantially more money than they are spending to get to page one of Google.

Some products or services just don’t work as well for SEO as others.  A general rule of thumb is:  If one sale or one new client brought in from work Think Tank SEO has done, easily pays the monthly SEO fees then you’re a good candidate for SEO.  For instance, Mortgage brokers, Realtors, Home builders or Home Renovators, and Lawyers are all great examples of online commercial market verticals that work very well for SEO since one new piece of business easily pays their monthly SEO invoice.

How can you value SEO services:  Estimated share of organic traffic X Google’s suggested Adwords pay per click bid.  

Google Adwords is a great resource for doing a quick check to see if you market vertical is viable.  If Google reports that a keyword phrase in your industry is searched 1000 times per month and the suggested bid is over $5 / click then we can estimate that ranking in the top 3 for that keyword phrase would get you 15% to 20% of 80% of that traffic.

In this case 800 searches times .15 equals 120 times the amount you would have had to pay Google for the traffic, $5 per click and we end up with a value of $600.  That is one keyword phrase.  Determining the value of SEO services can be complicated by other factors but generally if the result of a conversion on your website equals an amount higher than $1,000 than you’re likely a good candidate for SEO.

We will not take just any paying client on for SEO:

If it does not look like a clear win for your business I’ll let you know and likely suggest focusing on a targeted Google Adwords Campaign where you can set your budget and only pay for actual clicks to your site.  Google Adwords is not an investment but rather an immediate form of targeted advertising mistakenly taken as a result they searched  for.

I’ve been on the top of Google for Calgary web design and Calgary SEO (top three anyway) and I’ve seen first hand how powerful that can be. Instead of wondering where the business is going to come from, business finds you.  I’m super passionate about helping businesses get to the top of Google because I know first hand what a difference it can make. Doing a great job for a small business can literally transform their lives. It’s exciting to get the call that they are busier than ever and more profitable than ever.

Richard Conover,  Think Tank SEO..


Search Engine Optimization Calgary

Our passion is SEO & CRO and we work incredibly hard for our clients. We take our client’s success very personally.

SEO / Digital Direction Video:

This is my most recent favorite blog post and video.   It discusses the movement from the world wide web, search engines and web sites to Apps and how we can already see Google responding:  https://moz.com/blog/in-serp-conversions-dawn-100-conversion-rate  That is the Moz blog post where I found the Youtube video.

Google Cutts out the middle man.. your website?!

If you need help getting your site to page one of Google we can help. We’ve done if for many other Calgary businesses and we can do it for yours.

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