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HTML 5 What’s new on the Calgary web design scene?  HTML 5, the biggest and most important advancement in web technology in many years.  HTML 5 gives developers lots of new powerful options for rich media presentation that was previously only available through Flash.  Flash unfortunately got into a battle with Apple and lost a lot of market share since Apple devices do not support Flash.  They do support HTML 5.

Responsive Design With the ever increasing use of hand held devices and tables web design has evolved to meet the challenge of how to display content on different screen sizes.  Previously if you wanted you site to be more usable on a smart phone you had to develop a mobile site which would load if it was being accessed via a mobile devise.  It was designed for one screen size only and required a whole new set of site files.  Responsive design uses the existing site and clever use or CSS make the site fluid.

Unique Page Layouts  New and interesting trend in web design is the use of non-traditional page layouts.  The standard home page with top or side navigation to the rest of the site content has been challenged by some very cool websites that simply put all the content,  all the pages in essence, on the home page.  You simply just keep scrolling down and you get everything the site has to offer.  Generally new “pages” are distinguished by unique design or new backgrounds to mark the new heading.

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If you are struggling with whether or not to update your website, or need a new please don’t hesitate to contact me.  We have an extensive Calgary web design portfolio and can help you create a smart, well designed site that will increase conversion.  If you already have a great site but are no where to be found on Google check out our competitive Calgary SEO services.

Calgary Web Design Video:  Originally about EMethod my old web and SEO company.

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