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Calgary web design company Think Tank SEO sees websites a little differently..

Websites without traffic are worthless. Most websites will be discarded, deleted or forgotten and much sooner than most would expect. Domains increase in value over time if ongoing SEO processes are in place. Domains “age”.. websites get old and dated.

Spend Less On Web Design

If you’re a new business without a website let us set you up with a relatively inexpensive customized WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.

If you have a $5,000 budget for your website let us set you up with an easy to manage WordPress site that will be more than sufficient year one in business, and spend that money on SEO to drive traffic to your site. When the site starts paying you back, then you can invest in a more custom solution.


Determining how much to spend on web design & development: The key variables most businesses should consider:

  1. Organic or Paid Traffic: If your site is not getting much organic traffic and you’re not driving traffic to it via Google Adwords, then spend less on web design and more on search engine optimization.When the site begins to see more “free” organic search traffic then it’s time to spend more on web design. The more traffic a site gets, the more conversion rate optimization becomes an issue. If the core of the site is dated conversion rates will be low. (Conversion Rate: For every 100 site visitors, X number become visitors that convert into leads that call, submit contact information or made a purchase, you end up with a conversion rate in % form.)More Traffic = More Website Investment. Higher monthly traffic analytics warrants or compels more investment in the site itself.
  2. How Well Established Is The Business?: Companies that are well established and profitable need to spend much more on a website even if there is very little organic traffic to the site. The established, reputable and profitable business that has a dated website needs to dig deep and pay for a fully custom designed site backed with high-end development.

    Not all well established businesses need to dominate Google, but all well established businesses should have a professional custom website.


Web Design Services that are appropriate for all new businesses and the majority of small to medium sized businesses.

My advice to potential web design clients varies depending on their business itself and the amount of traffic to the website at the time of the meeting.

Think Tank SEO, as the name implies, is first and foremost a search engine optimization company that also focuses on CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization. Most entrepreneurs or independent service providers / business owners who primarily make their living from online leads sources or online revenues, tend to become a bit jaded regarding web design and often down right hostile to SEO as well. The worst combo I come across is the business that gets sold on a 20k custom site and then needs to save money so they hire a cheap SEO company!

If you are a new business or service provider, be it professional or otherwise, and you have decided it’s time to launch a website I’d recommend you call me and discuss why I think you should not go down the expensive custom design route UNLESS you’re willing to spend money to drive traffic to it.

At TTSEO we design websites that are easy to optimize for CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization.

Using Elegant Themes most powerful WordPress Theme, Divi 2.5, we are able to design and develop websites that offer the owner or Admin more control than every had with a CMS.

This is the next big jump forward and in five years having a site without this Page Builder technology will seem archaic! Websites designed and developed with this much control over page layout and elements have a competitive advantage over simple CMS WordPress sites.

We’ve just completed a half dozen sites using Elegant Themes Divi WordPress theme. Before CMS (Content Management System) platforms like WordPress or Drupal, editing websites required knowing how to code.

Call us today to find out how using the Divi Theme as the core of your new site or site 
conversion will give you more control over your site's content and layout than ever seen before.  
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