What makes a Calgary SEO company worth using and worth paying?  First thing I would ask is to  see some results.  Have they been able to get other sites to the top of Google?  How competitive of a market vertical is it?  Getting a company to the top of pottery is way easier than to get a site to the top of Google for a competitive phrase like Calgary Car Insurance.

Google Penalties:

Search engine optimization is about thinking like Google’s alogrithm and trying to stay ahead of the curve.  Google does not want you to naturally get to the top of the organic search results.  Don’t fool yourself.  Google wants you to pay for advertising via their amazingly successful pay-per-click or Google adwords.  This is how they make all their money.  Google will penalize a site if it detects purposeful SEO tactics being used.  Any “un-natural” link building that is detected will be penalized and penalized at different levels of severity depending on how great the perceived offense.  Penalties range from one page, 3 pages, 10 pages and the final kiss of death, de-indexed.

If your site has slipped suddenly a few pages you’ve been assessed a penalty and with corrective actions can make it back to page one.  If you are suddenly down 10 pages you are in serious trouble and it’s been our experience that there may be no coming back.  We’ve worked on penalized pages of this magnitude and found it is better to start from scratch than to waste too much time trying to salvage this page.  Google just won’t let go of the penalty and that  particular page is pretty much done for.

Calgary SEO Company

Cheap SEO companies that outsource all their link building overseas put your site at risk.  They simply lack the sophistication that is required to match Google’s algorithm.  Far better to do no SEO work on your site than bad search engine optimization.

If your site is in trouble please give me a call and I can help you assess the damage and how to best proceed.  403-540-6869403-540-6869

We also provide amazing Calgary web design services, so if you need a new site or need and upgrade we can handle this as well.  ThinkTankSEO.ca