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Google biases search results toward new pages by reputable sources and refreshed content, which means the content optimized by a Calgary SEO firm that is still ideal for the customer demographic still needs to be updated from time to time. However, there are several reasons you need to refresh your evergreen content, even when the SEO is perfect.

Google’s Freshness Rating for Evergreen Content

Google relates certain types of keywords with fresh content, like the best of a product, references to recurring events, hot topics and recent events. When Google considers the content time sensitive, the rankings will degrade even when the SEO is ideal. If your site relies on key words that have “expiration dates” for content, what can you do?

What To Do to Keep From Expiring

If your site relies on streams of recent news and your analysis of how it relates to your industry, keep the analyses going or your site will become stale and drop in the ratings. Be careful commenting on recent events lest you look dated when that is some of the last new content on your site. If you discuss recurring events like trade shows, continue to discuss the trade shows each year. If your team couldn’t attend the trade show, link to a trade magazine article that discussed the event or invite a supplier to discuss the trade show (and your products) on your site.

If you have comparisons between your products and the competitors, update the comparisons at least once a year to reflect your current product line and theirs. Include the latest industry studies that compare them independently. If you received the 2012 industry award for quality, keep that information on your website, but refer to your honorable mention in 2014 so the website remains fresh in Google’s rankings.

Websites that add new pages tend to get higher freshness ratings than those that don’t. One viable solution for many first is creating new websites for each version of their product. Keep the webpage for product 1.0 and create a new web page for product 2.0, with a link between the two in case someone looking for one version lands on the other version’s page. Let a Calgary SEO firm optimize the new web page for that product iteration so that it draws in the customers looking for that particular version. You’ll keep the site’s freshness score high and have a legitimate reason to add new web pages to the site that are each optimized to draw traffic to that product’s page.  For best results you need a modern web design that in itself doesn’t harm conversion.

Links from fresh sites improve the freshness of your site. Periodically seek out reviewers to discuss your products and services, adding links to your site in the process. As brand mentions start to influence web page rankings for that company or brand, ensure that your brands are mentioned on new websites and current discussion threads.

Do you have evergreen articles like biographies of the founders of the company, the first product you made, the inventions your company patented or the history of your area? Review it and make small changes each time to keep the content fresh, adding new information or improving its SEO. Do you have biographies of the company’s founders? If one passes away, turn that page into a digital memorial of that person’s life and accomplishments with the firm and add a section on the person who took over that department or now sits in that seat on the corporate board.

Google measures the value of a site based on its stickiness, how long readers stay on the page. You can refresh your evergreen content by adding new images, video of experts talking about the classic product or new reviews of the product on the evergreen web page to keep repeat visitors from moving off the page right after landing there. A Calgary SEO firm can help you determine the stickiest content on your website and how to improve the content that doesn’t keep the reader’s interest.


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