SEO Services In Calgary provides Calgary businesses with trusted Calgary SEO Services.  Just as users were getting used to the “Penguin” and “Panda” search engine algorithm updates, Google decides to roll out “Hummingbird” in typical Google fashion. Very little press was released when Google began to use Hummingbird as their new algorithm method, and hardly any word of it was circulated until the end of September. Good on Google as a company for not making a huge deal of it, but it is insane to think that this new formula affects 25+ billion web pages that are located online. That is a lot of content! It is amazing to think that indexing and searching through that content is even possible, but that is why some of the brightest minds in technology work for Google.

What is this new Hummingbird algorithm? Well, it is a completely new algorithm, not like Panda and Penguin, which were simply updates to the previous algorithm scheme. Many website creators believe they can stay ahead of the ever changing SEO climate, but this just proves that as a futile goal. Play by Google’s rules to succeed; outpacing them at there own game is not likely too happen.

A good way to think of Hummingbird is with an analogy of a house. Penguin and Panda updates were similar to upgrading the furnace and the air conditioning in a home. They made significant differences, but the home they were located in was still the same. Hummingbird is like buying a complete new home, but keeping the furnace and air conditioning system from the old home because they worked well.

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How can user’s benefit from Hummingbird? Understanding the ins and outs of any of Google’s algorithm changes are above the heads of even the best SEO creators. It is safe to say that if pages weren’t ranking highly before, they will likely not all of a sudden be a hit because of Hummingbird. Inversely, pages that were ranking well will likely keep ranking well, and possibly even better. Relevant, deep content is going to continue to play a vital role in the positioning of webpage’s, and that is a good area to focus attention on. Keeping up with Google on trends is never going to be possible, but recognizing what is happening in the technological universe is also a good way to be in-tune with the upgrades a website may need.

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