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Calgary SEO Company Think Tank SEO :: Search Engine Optimization That Delivers Top 3 Results.


Businesses set up websites with the sole purpose of increasing profits.  Where does online revenue come from?  Consumers or prospective clients engaging in Commercial internet searches.  It’s estimated that of all search queries only 20% of all online traffic is commercial traffic.


Search Engine Optimization :: SEO positions your site so that it can collect as much online traffic as possible.

Conversion Rate Optimization :: CRO deals  with how to best Convert those visitor into a Leads or direct sales.

At Think Tank SEO we are passionate about helping our clients succeed. Increasing traffic and conversion is our mission with every client.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call. 403-540-6869

SEO Services Calgary

Q: Why Hire A SEO Specialist or Company?

A: More Leads, For Less Money Than Google or Facebook Ad Campaigns Can Deliver.

More Leads!!

80% to 85% of all online traffic clicks through to the sites listed within the organic search results.  You can spend as much as you want on Adwords and NEVER get as many leads as you do by ranking in the top 3 on page 1 of Google, which enjoys a 75% market share over the other search engines.  If you’re serious about making money via the ol’ interweb you need to dominate page 1 of Google.ca.

Lower Cost Per Click or Lower Cost Per Lead:

As more businesses look to the internet to get business, the cost of using Google Adwords keeps climbing.  Generally speaking, if anyone can do it, it’s not going to be a huge advantage over your competition.  Anyone can sign up for Google Adwords and drive paid traffic to their site.

Higher Level of Authority & Trust:

“We don’t just use Google  to find things, we use Google to find the best of things.”

Consumers have quickly incorporated Google’s organic search into how we find things in the real world.  Top ranked Google sites become the top companies.  This happens at a subconscious level.  The more times  Google gets it right for you, the more you trust Google to find what you’re looking for. I’m a SEO and I catch myself making the same assumptions.

Calgary SEO

Calgary Search Engine Optimization

Google’s organic search algorithm has gotten so good at ranking quality sites that tend to be owned by quality companies our trust level regarding Google’s top 10 picks for any given keyword search has grown to the point that to leave out the psychology behind being a top ranked site / company, would be to ignore one of the most valuable benefits of investing in SEO is that you get more leads but those leads are even better since they believe you’re one of the top companies within you market vertical.

If I was looking to hire a SEO specialist or a company that claims to be skilled at SEO here are the things I want to see first and some of the things I’d avoid at all costs:

#1 RESULTS,  RESULTS,  RESULTS!!!  Show me the conversion!!   

If the company or SEO specialist you’re talking to can’t show you examples of their success in obviously competitive markets for the most competitive keyword phrases, hang up!  So many people claim to know sooo much about SEO and yet so few of “us”, SEOs actually know how to get results.  That is the most important thing to determine when talking to a new SEO provider.  Once you know they can actually get your site to page one, top five of Google, then it’s a matter of style and fit and extras they provide.

Trust: I can show you results I’ve achieved for local Calgary businesses and they are happy to tell you what it’s like to hire me and work with me.

Free Advice:  The biggest risk you face in choosing and hiring a SEO company is that they won’t be able to deliver results.

Results are page one, top 5 results on Google.ca for high traffic competitive keyword phrases.  (And I’m assuming you’re only considering local SEO companies. If you hire overseas companies to do “cheap SEO” expect, at best, poor results and more than likely, negative results.  I’ve tested the highest rated, most reviewed link building company on Freelancer on a test site and they tanked it.  If you can’t afford a real SEO company or specialist, doing nothing is far better than outsourcing your SEO overseas.)

Locally, if the company you’re interviewing can’t show you examples of top 5 results in competitive market verticals, keep looking. I’ve heard horror stories of local businesses paying 80 to 100k, locked into a year contract, and at the end still not on page one!  Even if you can afford to waste that kind of money, you’ve wasted time, energy and motivation. Don’t sign a long contract, ever and if after 3 months you’re not thrilled, fire them.  3 months is more than enough time for good SEO to show you impressive gains.

More than just an SEO:  I used to own an art gallery in Victoria and for years only did web and graphic design.  Seeing conversion issues is intuitive for me. I do so much more for my clients than just SEO. Traffic #s to your site are meaningless until you have a benchmark of conversion rates for your site and understand how big the online pie is you want your share of.

I see the big picture and have the skills and experience needed to make you more money, not just get you ranked high. If your site is terrible and not converting and I get you to #1 and you don’t see much increase in business you’re not going to be happy.

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If I work with you, you can count on three things:

1. I like you!  I don’t work for people I don’t like. The phrase “It’s just business” is not in my vocabulary.  Business that matters and that will really grow is built on solid relationships. My clients care about my business.  That’s how I know I’m doing things right.

2. I’m 100% confident that I can deliver results and get you ranked highly on page one.  (That is where the money is.  If an SEO company takes you from page 15 to to page 2 they likely made you zero dollars.)

RESULTS.  If I don’t deliver results, you’ll fire me.  I don’t lock clients into long term contracts and I don’t like losing clients.

3. I’m 100% confident that that the money you pay me will equal substantially more money for your business.

– You’re assuming the risk.  Hence you deserve more profit than me.

I can help your business make more money, or I won’t take your money.  Call me. 403-540-6869.

Richard Conover

April 26, 2015

Calgary SEO Richard Conover